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What kind of fireworks work with RadBox?

Hey there, if you're rocking the RadBox Firing System, we've got some top-notch recommendations for you.

Rock only Red Apple Brand 1.4G Consumer Fireworks

Stick to the explosive goodness of Red Apple® brand fireworks or other awesome brands available in our catalog. RadBox is designed to work flawlessly with these babies to deliver a stellar experience.

RadBox is all about the "consumer" or "1.4G" fireworks, so if you've snagged your pyrotechnics from Red Apple® or one of our authorized dealers, you're good to roll. No worries there.

Use Pre-Scripted Shows

We've already loaded up the RadBox system with pre-scripted shows from our mind-blowing Finale Set® Boxes. These beauties are like complete shows in a box, ready to dazzle your audience. Take a gander at some of the spectacular options available for purchase at Red Apple®. Just hook up the fuses, and let the magic unfold!

Here are a few showstoppers:
Giant Panda® Box
Lucky 13™
Tiki® Box™

Careful with fountains

Planning to incorporate fountains into your spectacle? Beware! The fuse on most fountains is positioned on top, which means the intense heat and flames could potentially melt or harm the igniter clip. If you absolutely must include fountains in your show, we've got a cool tip for you. Attach some extra fuse to the fountain, ensuring the igniter stays intact and unharmed.

Use Manual Mode or Show Desginer

Not finding your product in the catalog, huh? No worries, you can still make things happen using Manual or Show Designer mode. No matter what, you can still create the show you want.
If your firework isn't listed in the catalog, assign it the name "Zero Fuse Time." That's gonna be your go-to label, my friend.
Since the fuse time and effect time aren't automatically calculated, you gotta do it manually. Grab your thinking cap and calculate those times yourself. It's a little extra work, but you'll get it done like a boss.

Read & follow the instructions

Last but definitely not least, we've got an important message for you: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Each firework package is clearly labeled with instructions and warnings. We're dead serious about your safety and the well-being of others. So, please, make sure to follow all the warnings and instructions provided. It's all about keeping the good times safe and sound.

Updated on: 01/09/2024

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