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What batteries should I use with RadBox?

Stick with the RadBox Power Plate

Yo, for the best results and maximum convenience, you gotta roll with RadBox Lithium rechargeable Power Plate. That's gonna give you the ultimate power every single time.

Alkaline D as a backup

No worries! The RadBox Module can still work its magic with 8 (yeah, you heard that right) D Alkaline batteries. Just remember, Nickel batteries won't cut it 'cause they don't pack enough power for the heating coil. Battery life can vary, but those D alkaline batteries can last you up to 50 hours. If you're not rockin' the RadBox Power Plate, go for the Duracell Copper-Top Alkaline batteries. They're the real deal.

Refresh the battery indicator

Now, let's talk about that Battery Indicator situation. You might be wonderin', "Why is my Battery Indicator Red when I got fresh batteries or a fresh Power Plate?" Don't stress, bro. Just press that Refresh Button:

Head to the settings and hit that refresh button like a boss. Sometimes, when the app starts up without receiving any battery info, it shows up as red. Just refresh it and you'll get the latest battery status. Easy peasy.

Power Plate vs. Battery Indicator

If you're using the Power Plate, don't be surprised if the Battery Indicator often shows up as yellow. It might never go green, but that's totally cool. The Battery Indicator was designed to show the power state of Alkaline D Batteries, while the Power Plate outputs a voltage below 12.4 volts but with higher amps. A fully charged Power Plate can handle at least 500 ignitions, man. It's a beast!

So, whether you're rockin' the Power Plate or some fresh batteries, you're ready to ignite the fuse and light up the sky. Keep the power flowin' and let the fireworks shine, dude!

Updated on: 01/09/2024

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