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Issue: Slow Response, Dude

If you're experiencing a sluggish response from your FireFly module, it's time to troubleshoot, bro. Here's what you gotta do:

Distance Matters. Check if your FireFly module is too far away from your smartphone or tablet. The effective range is about 300 feet. Get your device closer to the FireFly module for a better connection.
Power Problems. Low battery power can seriously mess with the FireFly module's response. Swap out or charge those batteries, my friend.
Charge it Up. If your smartphone or tablet is running low on juice, it can affect the transmission signal to the module. Make sure to charge your device up, dude.
Cold Weather Woes. Extreme cold can slow down the batteries and electronic components. Protect your FireFly module from the chilly ground by placing a flat wooden board underneath it. Keep it cozy, man.
Interference Alert. Since the FireFly module uses Wi-Fi wireless technology, nearby devices can cause interference. Stay away from other active devices using a 2.4 GHz radio frequency. Keep it clear for a smooth connection.

Issue: Pairing Lost, Bro

If your pairing got lost in the digital abyss, don't stress. We've got your back. Here's what to do:

Check Your Wi-Fi. Your smartphone or tablet's Wi-Fi may have disconnected or been turned off. Refresh the app and reconnect to your device. Also, make sure Wi-Fi is enabled in your device settings.
Repeat the Steps. Sometimes, you gotta go back to square one and repeat the pairing process. Don't worry, you got this.
Airplane Mode Trick. To ensure a stable connection, consider putting your mobile device on Airplane Mode. Some newer devices automatically detect our FireFly Wi-Fi and switch to mobile data. Keep it locked on the right frequency, man.

Issue: All Cues are Red, Dude

If all your cues are turning red and killing your vibe, let's fix it up:

Wi-Fi Check. First things first, check if your smartphone or tablet's Wi-Fi got disconnected. Refresh the app and reconnect to your device. Make sure Wi-Fi is enabled in your device settings.
Repeat the Pairing Dance. If the connection got lost, repeat the steps to pair your device to the FireFly module. It's like hitting repeat on your favorite jam.

Issue: No Ignition, Bummer

If your fireworks ain't igniting, it's time to troubleshoot the issue, bro:

Connection Check. Ensure that the FireFly connection cable is fully plugged into the module. Check the red and green status indicators at the input port. Both should light up like a party.
Fuse and Coil Tango. If the heating coil isn't making contact with the fuse, try this trick. Test the heating coil without the fuse. If it glows red, it's working. Add a small piece of tape over the fuse to ensure proper placement.
Dirty Coil Blues. If the heating coil gets all dirty, man, fire it up without the fuse. The heat itself will clean the coil. Time to get things sparkling again.
Coil Conundrum. With heavy use, the heating coil can call it quits. If that happens, replace the connection cable. Get a fresh start, my friend.

Issue: All Lights Flashing, Whoa

When all the lights start flashing, it means things are getting overloaded. Time to take action, dude:

Restart and Regroup. Give your FireFly system a fresh start. Restart it and let it cool down. Then, when designing your show, make sure to time your cues at least two seconds apart

Updated on: 01/09/2024

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