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Can I ship fireworks to my home or business?

Ship Fireworks to your 🏡 Home or 🏢 Business

We'll send your order straight to your crib or bizness! Just make some space for the big-ass truck that will drop it off! If you live in an apartment or on some janky road, choose another option. In your Cart, select Ship to home or business and enter your deets. We got your back!
This option is best if you don't have access to a larger vehicle, or don't live near a Fireworks Pickup Spot™.
A lift gate is required for all home deliveries, but don't worry, we'll throw it in for free!

✅ Delivery Hacks

Hint: even though our 3rd party shipping companies are the best in the biz', they LOVE charging extra fees. Seriously, follow these guidelines!

1. Don't, don't, DON'T miss your delivery appointment.

If you miss your delivery appointment, you become responsible for the extra fees that the shipping company charges for the shipment being returned to their warehouse. Oof, this can get really ugly: if the shipping company decides to ship your order back to us, you will be charged for that too, as well as a restocking fee of up to 25% of the value of your order. Pleeeeeze don't miss your delivery appointment.

2. Be sure to accept the delivery.

You should accept your delivery no matter what. Otherwise, you could be responsible for all the same fees mentioned above for missing your delivery appointment. If your order shows damaged or missing products we can help you file a claim. You would have to do this even if you don't accept the delivery, so you are better off accepting the delivery first and avoiding the rejected delivery fees.

3. Let us know ASAP if your shipping address is "limited access".

Some shipping companies will charge an additional fee, or even refuse to deliver to, "limited access" locations. We can sometimes get a limited access fee waived if we tell the shipping company in advance.

Limited access locations might include: schools, universities, colleges, country clubs, farms, ranches, military bases, nuclear power plants, prisons and correctional facilities, container freight stations, public self storage facilities (including household and commercial type facilities), camps, churches and places of worship, airports, funeral homes, and other points not open to the general public for commercial purposes.

Updated on: 06/08/2024

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