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When's my order gonna ship, yo?

Yo, if you're wondering when your order is gonna hit the road, peep our Shipping Specials & Info page for the latest deets on transit times and shipping cutoffs.

At the Red Apple Warehouse

We're all about that hustle! We're usually on top of our game and have all orders ready to roll within 24 hours of getting 'em (our warehouse crew is straight fire, so we're even faster on average!).

3rd Party Shipping Companies

Now, our 3rd party shipping partners are top-notch, no doubt. They usually swoop in to pick up orders within 24-72 hours of booking, but they take a break on weekends and holidays (can't blame 'em).

However, let's keep it real. When it's gettin' close to a holiday, those shipping peeps might be a lot slower, so it's smart to order ahead of time, you feel me? And if you're in doubt, go for the expedited shipping option when you're checking out. That's how you stay ahead of the game!

Updated on: 01/30/2024

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