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What is a Fireworks Pickup Spot™?

🚚 Pick up at a Fireworks Pickup Spot™

👉 Check out our 800+ Fireworks Pickup Spots™ across the USA!

This is our fastest shipping option and it saves you mad cash! At checkout, select Choose a Fireworks Pickup Spot and choose one near you from the list. We'll ship your order there and let you know when it's ready to pick up.
If the Fireworks Pickup Spot™ you chose is not available for any reason, we'll automatically pick the next best option for ya!

đź‘€ Quick Notes

If we don't have an available Fireworks Pickup Spot that's less than an hour from your shipping address, we'll contact you to confirm your Fireworks Pickup Spot™ options.
You’re gonna be picking up a pallet-load of fireworks! Make sure there's enough room in your vehicle.
Once we notify you that your order is ready for pickup, get there fast! You have 48 hours to pick up your order. Otherwise, you may have to pay storage fees of $25-$50 per day until you pick up your order, which we really don't want to charge you!

✅ Fireworks Pickup Spot™ Hacks

The delivery date on your tracking info is usually when your order hits the Fireworks Pickup Spot™. But hold up, that doesn't mean it's the day you'll get your hands on your order since the Fireworks Pickup Spot™ has to process the incoming order first.
If you want to get your stuff ASAP, you can hit up the Fireworks Pickup Spot™ yourself and schedule your appointment in advance of the delivery date. Once your order has an estimated delivery date, you should be good to go. Just reach out and make it happen!
If you're in a state that we don't ship to, have your order shipped to the Fireworks Pickup Spot™ closest to you for pickup.

Updated on: 06/08/2024

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