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Which Fireworks Pickup Spot™ will you ship my order to?

Its easy! In your Cart, just select Choose a Fireworks Pickup Spot and pick one from the list of more than 800 options!

Where can I find my Fireworks Pickup Spot's™ address?

The Fireworks Pickup Spot™ details are always available as part of your order details in your account on our website. Just log in and click on your order to see your Fireworks Pickup Spot™ details.

Can I choose my Fireworks Pickup Spot™?

Yes! You choose your preferred Fireworks Pickup Spot™ at checkout. However, if the Fireworks Pickup Spot™ you chose is not available for any reason, we'll automatically pick the next best option for ya! If we don't have an available Fireworks Pickup Spot™ that's less than an hour from your shipping address, we'll contact you to confirm your Fireworks Pickup Spot™ options.

Can I change my Fireworks Pickup Spot™?

Once we book your order, it is not possible to change that Fireworks Pickup Spot™ without a hefty fee. We can always check into this for you, but it is basically a re-booking and you would be responsible for the whole fee, so we don't recommend it.

Updated on: 04/20/2024

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