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Shipping Protection

Why Choose Shipping Protection? 🤔

Stress-Free Solution

With Shipping Protection, we'll handle any shipping mishaps and the claims process on your behalf. 🚚💥

Instant Credit

Say goodbye to product loss blues! We'll pop the value right back into your Red Apple Cash Account. 🎇💸

No More Waiting

Forget waiting on the shipping company to refund you. We make sure you're ready to roll for your next celebration in no time! 🎈🕒

Without It

You're in the ring alone with the shipping company, duking it out for your refund. 😤🥊

When to Purchase

We always recommend that you purchase Shipping Protection at checkout, but we are happy to add it your Order at any time. Just give us a shout and tell us you want to add Shipping Protection to your Order. Quick note: the price of Shipping Protection increases to $99 if you purchase it after checking out. 🌠🛒

How Does It Work?

Simply add Shipping Protection at checkout, and if trouble strikes, we're on it. You get to focus on the fun, not the fine print. 📝✨

Add to Cart: Tick that Shipping Protection box when you're checking out.
Sit Back & Relax: If your order gets lost in the shipping black hole, arrives looking like it's been through a battle, or disappears without a trace, just hit us up and chill. ❄️👀
Credit Where Credit's Due: Upon our approval, we'll zap a credit to your Red Apple Cash Account faster than you can say 'Boom!' 🎇💰

How do I File a Request?

Just follow the instructions in What if my shipment has a damaged or missing item? and we'll be on it!

Updated on: 04/09/2024

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