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What does it mean to purchase fireworks by case or by the unit?

Get ready for some fireworks fun and let us break it down for you! When you shop online at, our fireworks for sale by the case only. However, cases, units and individual pieces can be purchased instore as well. You can also view some of the units available instore here.

Fireworks by the Case

So, what's the deal with fireworks by the case? It means you're snagging a bigger, bulkier bundle of fireworks packaged in a sturdy cardboard carton. It's just like when you grab a case of soda at Costco—more fireworks, better pricing, more excitement!

Fireworks by the Unit/Piece

On the other hand, fireworks by the unit/piece follow the more traditional approach. Picture yourself at a vending machine, selecting a single can of soda. It's the same idea with fireworks. You're purchasing one firework at a time to light up the night sky.

How do I choose?

Now, here's the important part: for online orders, we offer fireworks by the case for shipping or pick up. That means you can experience the thrill of receiving a treasure trove of fireworks right at your doorstep. But if you visit one of our delightful stores in person, you'll have the option to buy fireworks by the unit/piece, or go all out and grab a case for the ultimate fireworks extravaganza.

To give you a taste of what to expect, let's use Sumo Snaps® as an example. If you go for a unit/piece of Sumo Snaps®, you'll get a single box packed with 20 snaps to ignite the night. Looking for more bang for your buck? Opt for a box (or unit) of Sumo Snaps® containing a whopping 30 boxes, each with 20 snaps. That adds up to an epic total of 600 snaps!

But wait, there's more! If you're ready to take your fireworks experience to the next level, grab a case of Sumo Snaps®. It includes 5 boxes (150 pieces) filled with a mind-blowing 3000 snaps. That's a whole lot of sizzling excitement right there!

So, whether you're going big with a case or enjoying the thrill of each individual unit, we've got you covered.

Updated on: 01/19/2024

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