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Does your Happiness Guarantee cover price match adjustments or sale price adjustments?

Absolutely! We're all about hooking you up with the best fireworks at the best prices, no doubt. We not only keep our product prices as low as possible, but we also offer price match and sale price adjustments to ensure you never pay more than you should for your favorite fireworks! We got your back, fam!

If you happen to find any product we sell for a lower price than what we advertise, or if the price drops within 48 hours after your purchase, we're here to honor your request for an adjustment. We'll hook you up with some store credit or a rad coupon code for the difference.

To score a price match adjustment, hit us up with:
A list of the products you found along with their listed prices
Some high-quality pics of where you found those products at those prices
If it's online, drop us them URLs for each product

To score a sale price adjustment, holler at us with:
Your online order number or a pic of your instore receipt
The previous sale price listing (could be from an email, social media post, screenshot, you name it) or
The current sale price listing (again, email, social media post, screenshot, you got it)

Just a heads up, though: price match and sale price adjustments might not apply during peak seasons like the 4th of July or New Year's selling seasons. Gotta keep it real during those crazy times, you know?

So, if you ever find a better deal or a price drop, hit us up, and we'll make it right. We're all about giving you the ultimate fireworks experience without breaking the bank. Let's make some fireworks magic happen!

Updated on: 01/19/2024

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