Do you offer wholesale, bulk, or dealer pricing?

No worries, fam! Whether you're looking to flip 'em, give 'em away, or throw down an epic fireworks bash for your crew, our website is where you will find the guaranteed lowest prices on every single item we sell. Read more about our Wholesale Program on our blog.

Tax Exempt Reseller

If you're getting your order shipped or picking it up in person and you pay sales tax during checkout, we got your back. Once we confirm you're a reseller, we'll happily refund that sales tax, no problemo. Just hit us up to get verified. Once you are verified, you will continue to be on tax exempt status as long as you reverify that status each year.

Instore Wholesale

Ballin' out in-store with a major shopping spree? We got you covered, fam! When you hit up any of our retail store locations, we hook you up with some epic wholesale deals based on how much you drop. Check it: once your order total hits $4,000, $10,000, or $20,000, you automatically level up to a lower price tier as a certified wholesale customer. So go ahead and flex those stacks while we give you the VIP treatment!

Becoming an Authorized Dealer, Importing

Now, if you're interested in becoming a Red Apple Authorized Dealer. or want to bring in massive containers of fireworks straight to your door, you gotta check out our Dealer Program. Apply now and let's make some explosive business moves!

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