What does it mean to purchase fireworks by the case? Can I purchase fireworks by the piece?

When shopping at the Red Apple® store online, you'll notice that we show you our products by the case and by the piece.

Fireworks by the case means that you are purchasing a larger, bulk quantity of fireworks in a cardboard carton (similar to the way you can purchase a case of soda at Costco).

Fireworks by the piece is the more traditional means of buying fireworks where you are only buying a single firework (like buying a single can of soda from a vending machine).

For online orders, you can only purchase fireworks by the case for shipping or pick up. When shopping at one of our stores in-person, you can purchase fireworks by the piece or fireworks by the case.

For example:

  • A piece of Sumo Snaps® is a single box containing 20 snaps
  • A box of Sumo Snaps® contains 30 boxes of 20 snaps each, equaling 600 snaps
  • A case of Sumo Snaps® contains 5 boxes (150 pieces), equaling 3000 snaps

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