What is a Red Apple®🍎 Stash House™?

A Red Apple®🍎 Stash House™ is a warehouse or shipping terminal in your area or state that can receive the shipments we send out. Since it doesn’t require a dedicated driver to come to your home, it costs less for you! Don’t worry - no secret codes or handshakes are needed to pick up your stash.

We’ll deliver your goodies to a Stash House™ near the shipping address you provide us at checkout. Once it arrives, you’ll travel there to pick up your order. Please keep in mind that if the terminal is further than an hour from your shipping address, then you'll be contacted via email to confirm the pick up location. If you’re closer than an hour, your order will be automatically shipped to the closest Stash House™ and you’ll receive the address and details once your order ships out from our warehouse.

Get Stash House™ locations & details here!

If you’re going with the Red Apple®🍎 Stash House™ shipping option at checkout, the terminal will contact you to schedule a pickup date and time once it arrives at their facility.

Don’t forget - you’re gonna be picking up a PALLET FULL OF FIREWORKS💥! You’ll need a vehicle that can handle all the grande booms™ that you ordered. If you already chose Stash House™ shipping, but don’t have a vehicle to handle all the fireworks💥, you can call us at 775-727-7200 or email us at hi@redapplefireworks.com to upgrade to home delivery! 😊

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