What if I do not accept delivery of my order when it comes or I miss the delivery of my order?

If an order is delivered to a residential or commercial address and you are not there at the scheduled delivery time or if you refuse to accept the delivery for any reason (filing a claim for lost and/or damaged items does not preclude you from accepting a delivery; see here how to file a claim on your Bill of Lading), then you are responsible for any and all fees incurred as a result of the shipment being returned to the shipping company’s terminal, and/or the Red Apple® Fireworks warehouse, and/or a restocking fee of up to 25% of the gross value of your order.

For instance, if you place an order for $1,000 of fireworks (pre-shipping cost) and decline to accept delivery for any reason, you may be charged a minimum of $250 to return your shipment and restock the items in the Red Apple® warehouse.

To make a long story short: do NOT reject your shipment or miss your delivery appointment!

Mar 26, 2021

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