What shipping methods does Red Apple® offer?

Red Apple® offers flat-rate shipping based on your location and the total dollar amount of your order. We recommend adding a minimum of $999 of product to your cart to ensure you get the best price on shipping. There is also an upper-limit to qualify for flat-rate shipping specials--please give us a shout to learn more.

There are generally 2 types of shipping methods: Local Delivery and Home Delivery.

Local Delivery
Our most popular & fastest option! We ship fireworks almost anywhere in the United States this way. After you place your online order, our Warehouse Team will securely wrap and palletize your order, and have it shipped out. At that time, we will contact you with the terminal information. If shipped to a shipping terminal, the terminal will reach out to you to schedule a pickup time. You pick up your fireworks from the shipping terminal and enjoy the show! It usually takes 8-15 days for your order to arrive.

The cost of Local Delivery varies by destination:

Local Delivery Zones Starting Price
Zone 1 (western states) $129
Zone 2 (eastern states) $229

Home Delivery
Have your fireworks delivered directly to your home! This option is best if you want the convenience of delivery to your residence, do not have access to a larger vehicle or live in a more rural area. Prepare for your fireworks delivery by making room for the big ol' truck that will be dropping off your order! The cost of Home Delivery varies by destination:

Home Delivery Zones Starting Price
Zone 1 (western states) $199
Zone 2 (eastern states) $299

Shipping Destinations
Not sure which Shipping Zone you're in? Please refer to this map:

Lift Gate
A lift gate is a piece of equipment on a delivery truck that allows for easier loading and unloading of pallets. When you choose Home Delivery, a lift gate is required and therefore included in the cost of this shipping method. However, lift gates are not included in the cost of Local Delivery, although you may request this accessorial by emailing us at hi@redapplefireworks.com - a service we recommend if your order is being delivered to a business address and your business does not have a fork lift or loading dock. The cost of ordering a lift gate is $25 in addition to the price of Local Delivery. If you are picking up your order at a shipping terminal, a lift gate may not be necessary for your order.

Your local regulations as they may prohibit your ability to ship, store, posses, or otherwise use fireworks in your area. So please, please, PLEASE make sure to check with your local authorities since we rely on you for this purpose. 🙏

Below is a list of states that we currently cannot ship to:
Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
Once the fireworks are loaded on the delivery truck, they are yours. Along with understanding the risk of confiscation or citation is also yours at that time.