If I select the Stash House™/Terminal Shipping (Ship and Pickup) shipping method, where do I pick up my order?

Stash House™/Terminal Shipping (Ship and Pickup) is our most popular & fastest shipping method! We ship fireworks💥 almost anywhere in the United States this way.

Before placing an online order with us, please check the map on our Locations Page to see what terminal is closest to you.

Don't worry! If a Stash House™/Terminal if further than an hour from the shipping address you provided us you’ll receive a call/email from us to confirm your pick up location. Once you confirm the terminal, your order will than get booked. Please keep in mind, if a Stash House™/Terminal is closer than an hour away from your shipping address your order will automatically get booked by our shipping specialist.

Once your order has reached the terminal, you’ll receive a call to schedule a good pick up time. Please keep in mind, it usually takes 8-15 business days for your order to arrive.

*** You have about 48-72 hrs to pick up your order, once your order has arrived at the Stash House™/Terminal before you are responsible for the cost of storage fees of $25-50 per day that you haven't picked up your shipment. ****

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email at hi@redapplefireworks.com! 😊

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