How do I redeem my PyroCoin?

It's super easy! 💯 First, sign in to your account by clicking the floating red bubble that says Rewards at the bottom left hand corner of our website:

Then click Sign in:

Sign in

Once you are signed in, click the red Rewards bubble again, then Ways to redeem:

Ways to redeem

You will then see all the things you can redeem your PyroCoin for! Just click View to next to the reward you want to redeem:

Ways to redeem

If you are redeeming your PyroCoin for a product, click Redeem:

Redeem product

At this point, you'll be given a coupon code. Click the copy button, then click the Add product to cart button to add the redeemed product to your shopping cart. Be sure to enter the coupon code at checkout!

Redeem product coupon code

If you are redeeming a PyroCoin discount coupon, you can use the slider to confirm the amount of PyroCoin you wish to redeem, then click Redeem:

Discount coupon slider

At this point, you'll be given a coupon code. Click the Apply code button, which will add the coupon code your shopping cart and apply your PyroCoin redemption:

Redeem PyroCoin discount coupon

Choose wisely! Only one coupon code redemption can be used per order.

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