How do I earn PyroCoin?

Now you're talkin'! It's really easy earn PyroCoin - chances are you've already earned some PyroCoin without even knowing it!

You can always see the current actions that earn you PyroCoin on our main PyroCoin Rewards page. Or, just click the floating red bubble that says Rewards at the bottom left hand corner of our website:

Then click Ways to earn:

Ways to earn

You will then see all the things you can do to earn PyroCoin! For example:

Ways to earn
Ways to earn

A few notes for ya:

  • As you take action to earn PyroCoin, you'll see a checkbox next to the actions you've taken. There are some actions you cannot take more than once, and some actions you can take a lot of times!
  • Qualifying actions can vary depending on the time of year, and any special promos we may be running. Keep an eye our for points multipliers and limited-time redemptions!
  • To earn PyroCoin for writing a product review, or uploading a picture or video to your product review, you must have actually purchased those item(s) on our website. Buying an item instore and writing a review on our website will not earn you PyroCoin. The PyroCoin Rewards program automatically verifies you (or not) using your email address, the product your are reviewing, and also checks against spam sources.

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