In-Store Pickup

  • Can I order online and pick up in-store?

    Absolutely! 💯 Once you have all your desired items in your cart, simply select "In-Store Pickup" as your preferred shipping method! 😊 We currently offer FREE instore pickup for online orders at our locations in Pahrump, NV,  Valdosta, GA, and Flint, MI!
  • Can someone else pick up my order in-store?

    Most of the time, yes! 😊 In order to verify the identity of both parties and the order, simply send us an email informing us of the situation. We will work with you to ensure we have all the information needed for another person to pick up your order! Generally, we will require front and back i...
  • How do I become tax exempt?

    The first step to becoming a tax exempt Red Apple® customer is creating an account on our website by clicking here! Once your Red Apple® account has been created, then send a photo of your tax exempt paperwork to our Customer Success department via email ( or text messag...
  • How long can Red Apple®🍎 hold my order for in-store pickup?

    We are able to process orders up to 3 weeks in advance and will hold orders for in-store pickup ONLY until the selected date and time chosen at checkout. If an order is not picked up within 24 hours of the selected date and time, then it will be cancelled and returned to stock. The soonest you a...
  • Tax for in-store purchases and pickup orders in Nevada

    When fireworks💥 are purchased at the Red Apple®🍎 store in Pahrump, NV, or online to be picked up in Pahrump, you will be charged applicable Nevada state tax. These taxes will be charged regardless of the state in which you reside.
  • Tax for Michigan in-store purchases

    When fireworks💥 are purchased at the Red Apple®🍎 store in Flint, MI, you will be charged applicable Michigan state tax. Per Michigan State Law, you will also be charged a fireworks safety fee (FSF). These taxes and fees will be charged regardless of the state in which you reside.
  • What do I need to pick up my order in-store?

    For in-store pickup orders, we require customers to provide a government-issued ID and the credit card used to place the order online. We also suggest that customers are prepared to show a copy of their order receipt (printed or electronically) in case we need to further verify the order for any ...
  • When am I able to cancel my in-store pickup order?

    Generally, you can cancel your order up to the point that the order is put together for you to pick up! 😊 Once your order has been picked and prepared for pickup, then you will be responsible for any and all expenses based on processing your order to that point. This includes a restocking fee eq...