What's the difference between a 5 Inch and 6 Inch shell?

There's quite a few differences to list! Check them out below:

  • The tube would be longer in length, adding more height as 6 Inch XXL Shells require a 15" tube.
  • The colors will be brighter with new custom, unique effect combinations in our 6 Inch XXL Shells designed by Doug & the Red Apple Team. *Standards are based on Global Fireworks Ratings Bureau (GFRB) guidelines. 💥
  • Red Apple 6 Inch XXL Shells have some of the largest stars available on the 1.4G market, so the longer 6 inch shell comes in handy during production! 🌟
  • Quality performance is all about the compression of the pyrotechnic composition inside canister shells. So, we pack the ends of our longer shells with more materials that ensure our shells break from the center, resulting in large spherical breaks, even though you’re shooting a cylindrical shell.
  • We offer 5 different 6 Inch XXL Shell Kits, and each Kit's effects are now themed to let you get consistent and predictable performance while building your show around those effects.

All of these factors result in Red Apple 6 Inch Shells flying higher and exploding more symmetrically with larger breaks containing stars that burn for longer so get you more of the Red Apple effects you already love! ❤️

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