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How does Boom Now, Pay Later work?

🔍Short Version

We snag your first installment when we fulfill your order. Then, we authorize the full amount on your card for future payments. After that, your monthly payments roll out automatically on the same day each month. No sweat on your end!


We authorize the full purchase amount on your card to ensure smooth sailing for future payments.
With each monthly installment, we authorize the remaining outstanding amount on your card to secure future payments. These authorizations refresh every 17-21 days until your plan is squared away.
As you make payments, authorizations shrink. Each new authorization replaces the previous one.

Head's Up

You'll see two types of transactions Payments (charged) and Authorizations (pending or reserved).
Payments hit your account on the same date each month, while authorizations secure future payments every 17-21 days. And don't worry, if you stick to your plan, these authorizations won't be charged.

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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