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How do I safely light my fireworks?

Yo, safety-conscious pyro! You wanna know how to light consumer fireworks without blowing yourself up? Smart move, friend. Here's the lowdown on how to do it right and keep all your limbs intact:

Find the perfect launch pad

Pick a wide-open space, away from any flammable stuff, homes, or innocent bystanders. No cramped backyards, bro. Clear that area like you're decluttering your social media feed.

Read the freakin' instructions

Yeah, we know you wanna dive right in, but take a sec to read the instructions on each firework. Trust us, it's worth it. They'll tell you how to safely light 'em up, which end goes where, and other important deets. Don't be an ignorant fool.

Safety gear is the bomb

Get yourself some safety goggles, man. Protect those pretty peepers from any stray sparks or debris. And don't forget about your hands, bro. Some fire-resistant gloves will keep you from getting crispy fingers. Safety first, always.

Keep your distance

Once you're ready to light 'em up, back the heck away! Use a long-ass lighter or a punk stick to ignite the fuse. And then, get yourself at least 35 feet away for fountains and other ground effect fireworks and 200 feet anything that shoots up in to the air. No heroics by hovering too close. Let those fireworks do their thing from a safe distance.

Be chill with duds

It's rare with Red Apple® brand fireworks, but sometimes, fireworks can be a bit moody and refuse to ignite. It happens, man. If a firework doesn't go off, don't be a dumbass and try to relight it. Give it some space and time, like a failed Tinder date. Ain't worth the risk, bro.

Have a water bucket on standby

You're prepared, right? Keep a bucket of water nearby, just in case things go haywire. If there's a rogue fire or a firework that's acting like a stubborn teenager, douse it like you're putting out a campfire. Safety first, remember?

Clean up your mess, bro

Once the fireworks show is over, don't leave a trail of destruction behind. Dispose of used fireworks properly, soaking 'em in water before you chuck 'em in a designated trash bag. Keep it tidy and respect the environment, man.

There you have it, bro! Follow these steps, and you'll be the master of lighting consumer fireworks like a boss. Stay safe, have a blast, and remember, responsible pyromaniacs are the coolest kind.

Updated on: 01/05/2024

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